Why You Need a Gaming Microphone Now

When it comes to competitive computer gaming or eSports in 2017, nothing is more important than having a clear communication with your teammates. For some games, such as CS:GO and DOTA 2, communication is almost everything to assure victory. But there are still thousands of gamers who’re not yet aware of the benefits and advantages of having a reliable microphone. Now, did you know that having the best gaming microphone can actually improve the odds of victory? That’s because it enhances the overall performance of your team’s game-play experience by boosting a faster and better way to communicate. Well, if you’re still not convinced, I’m going to provide you three powerful benefits of having the best gaming microphone in your arsenal.

Top microphone for gaming

Clear Messages

One of the best things that you can easily experience when using the best gaming microphone is that no one will ever question what you’ve just said – as long as the thought is understandable, of course. The most common problem with cheap microphones is that your voice will be unclear and often times, choppy. This usually creates miscommunication that will lead to a poor gaming experience. The worst case scenario, everyone starts blaming you for talking too much gibberish, leading to strategy failure and unnecessary trash-talks that will tear the team apart.

Prompt Commands and Suggestions

In strategy games and first person shooter games, commanding and suggesting action to one’s teammate is essential. Typing commands are a waste of valuable time, especially when you are in the middle of a war. You can’t just type “flank right” or “need assistance at area B” when you’re being shot or attacked by a couple of enemies. Doing so will get you killed in an instant and when you die, your team is going to be angry at you because you didn’t even ask for help. This is why having a reliable gaming microphone is absolutely essential to properly initiate commands and suggestions real time.

Better Timing and Team Coordination

If you have the best gaming microphone, you can easily communicate with your team and time things with great precision. This allows your team to focus on what they hear and perfectly perform that stealth attack or ambush on cue. Just try to imagine typing “go now and use grenade” or “use stun skill, now!” and the team simply left their position because they actually thought the plan was canceled – simply due to the delay of typing these cues. The thing with competitive gaming is that most of the time, you play it real time and you just can’t afford to misuse even a second, especially in a fight. If you’ve been playing MOBA games http://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/17347434965 such as DOTA 2 or LOL, you can see that a lot of professional players use microphones. There are a lot of players using microphones, especially on high-ranking games. And those who do usually win the game! This just proves how effective communication is. Though skill does come first when taking down enemy heroes or players, winning the game all boils down to the team with the best teamwork.

Investing in a Professional Gaming Career

Your prospect of being in an international gaming league, or perhaps being the prominent player in Twitch, is a fine choice, however, you still need to have gear and upgrade yourself up, and we don’t mean virtually.

Deciding on making gaming as your career demands a lot of sacrifices in terms of money, sleep, and leisure time. Hence, having a comfortable yet exceptionally better equipment is needed.


Remember this, skills are proportional to the way you see, hear, and feel the game. It matters most, especially, if you are not limited to your computer’s performance capacity. Therefore, the need of highly functional equipment is paramount.

The Lists

Recently,  The Gaming Essentials has posted their best gaming setup for 2016.

Best Visual Experience (Monitor):

   Asus ROG Swift PG278Q – fitted for various high definition games, Asus has released their monitor for a promising Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) resolution in a remarkable 2,560 x 1440 pixels (24.2” x 14.3” x 9.4”). The 27-inch paneled monitor ensures that your eyes are taken care of with its LED Backlit, 144Hz with 1ms response time.

Benefits: quality performance, ergonomic, and smooth transition of images

Best Processing Experience (Laptop):

   Asus RoG G752 – with style and utmost performance, Asus showcases it’s ROG G752 with Intel Core i7 CPU, having an NVidia GeForce GTX 970m-980 graphics, and handles heavy games with it 16-64 GB RAM and 128 – 512 SSD storage.

Benefits: long-term comfort, ergonomic, avoids back and neck pains

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Best Control Experience (Mouse):

   Razer Naga Hex V2 – Razer boasts their 7 button mechanical thumb wheel perfect for MOBA games. Naga Hex V2 gives you ultimate control through easy access buttons, rubberized thumb grip, 16,000 DPI 5G Laser Sensor, 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1 ms response, and inter device color synchronization.

Benefits: customizable buttons, lightweight, and appealing

Investing in these equipment promises to give what you pay for. However, you should not set aside the basic but important support in your gaming career – chair.

Good thing the Elite Gaming Computers and Peek&Co are here to prompt you with reviews of the gaming chairs you ought to have.

Best Comfort Experience (Chair):

Person in gaming chair

   DXRacer Tank Series – Unveil the comfort of the DXRacer chairs with its headrest and lumbar cushion, high backrest to avoid neck and back pains, and adjustable seat with special soft armrests that is adjustable for your wrists and shoulders. Varying from different colors and design that comes from the PU breathable material.

Benefits: long-term comfort, ergonomic, and avoids back and neck pains

Wrapping it up

These items may be expensive, but gaming career is a long-term investment. The market, nowadays, offers various choices for you to choose from, this is due to the booming industry of eSports.

But wisely finding time to seek for gaming equipment reviews and specification according to functionality can undoubtedly help in narrowing down and the best. Don’t compromise your health and experience with sub-standard equipment that’ll only be a hindrance to you.

Best Single player games of 2016

The year has not yet ended, yet it has already brought out a bunch of games which all have a unique premise. These are the best single player games of 2016, and the graphics and game play shows you why. On top of that, the games were chosen for their one of a kind premise, and distinct style of graphics.

  1. Stellaris

Set 200 years in the future, Stellaris is a 4X strategy game. You explore and conquer planets, and build up an empire. Its premise is like any other world-building strategy game, only this time, you can command a space fleet of warships, and trade is between different planets. The graphics capture the beauty of organized battle in outer space. The controls for the 3D engine works well and fast. This is one game which strategy geeks should look into.


  1. Total War: Warhammer

As a turn based strategy game, Total War: Warhammer has iconic videos and gameplay. The game moves fast and furious in a set piece game. Moving armies of different races can be chaotic. With different weapons, creatures, heroes and generals, the fight sequences are worth the price of admission. Total War: Warhammer is loads of fun in moving around army units all around the battlefield. There are few games which are as impressive while viewing on a bird’s eye view. It can be dizzying as you zoom from one end of the battlefield to another. However, that also happens to be part of the allure of the game. The graphics are rich in detail and in spectacular explosions.

  1. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a unique planetary exploration game with a strategic approach to winning the game. The background and scenery are clean, clear and sharp. The action is dizzying and it takes a lot of concentration to win the missions. Although technically categorized in the action-adventure survival genre, the game has a lot to offer. The battle scenes take a lot of intelligence, but even without those, the colors are gorgeous, and lends a distinct flavor to the game.

  1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Medieval RPGs are quite common, as they usually fall under the high fantasy or D&D category. Kingdom Come: Deliverance, however, stakes a claim for historical accuracy. The scenes are lush, as well as the costumes, armor and weapons. The game play is also distinct, as it uses a classless character system. That means that there is no single designated wizard, thief, warrior or berserker. This gives the player leeway in choosing how to play and develop his character and the game.

  1. Dishonored II

Dishonored II is a stealth based action-adventure game where the main protagonist is a supernatural assassin. As a stealth based game, it uses a fair amount of Steampunk contraptions. This is not a mishmash of genres and game plays, but a deliberate use of ingenuity and creativity. Before playing this game, give it a lot of thought, especially how your character would move through the shadows while moving in for the kill. At some point you have to move out of stealth, and attack with all your might. The gameplay is swift and dangerous. However, the third person point of view gives you enough view of the territory to plot your moves. This is definitely better than the original Dishonored.